There have been increasing calls by pro-democracy militants to resume the Hirak anti-regime protest movement in Algeria, a situation that has prompted an intensification of government repression against opposition figures and rights activists. The Algerian regime faces an exceedingly difficult outlook. Not only the country’s economy is beyond repair in light of the current unpractical and unrealistic policies and the collapse of state revenues, but the antiquated methods of repression used by the security services are making it more likely for opposition to harden its anti-government sentiment over time. In this context, the Algerian regime has squandered all opportunities to fix the mess it has created in the first place, and is now running straight into a trap that it has built with its own hands.

The North African Journal | 18.06.2020


Mali protesters once again take to streets to demand Keita resign

Large crowds have once again poured onto the streets of Mali’s capital, Bamako, continuing the so-called „Movement of June 5“ and renewing demands for the resignation of President Ibrahim Boubacar Keita.

Those gathered on Friday were heeding the call of the country’s newly resurgent opposition and were supported by Mahmoud Dicko, a prominent religious leader whose political star has been rising amid growing unrest over the devolving security situation in the northern and central regions of the country.

Al Jazeera | 19.06.2020

Neue Demos in Algerien? Massendemos in Bamako