Abschnitt der Mixed Migration Review 2018 über Agadez:

Agadez under strain

There are concerns about the long-term consequences of undermining the migration industry in Niger’s historically volatile region of Agadez. Although Niger has remained one of the more stable states of the conflict-afflicted Sahel region, the economic strains produced by weakening the migration industry in Agadez could drive people to join extremists groups. The costs of the deterrence and enforcement measures against smugglers are substantial given the reliance of the Agadez community on migration. The sequencing of the EU interventions in Niger has consequently been criticised as too focused on enforcement while failing to provide viable alternative forms of income for affected communities. Some analysts have directly linked the EU’s efforts to the deterioration of local economies and to increased security concerns for residents and people on the move. Several recommendations have been put forward for more sustainable migration management in northern Niger, with an emphasis on the need to situate migration management within the wider development and security context of the region, and to ensure that livelihoods based on mobility and trade across borders are not undermined.

„Agadez under Strain“