Maghreb: War, food prices and protests

Grain prices had risen sharply in the last weeks. The Maghreb and Egypt are largely dependent on imports. In addition, North African agriculture has been suffering from an increasing drought for months. The massive increase in grain prices in 2010/2011 is considered a factor that led to the Arab rebellion and the departure of migrants across the Mediterranean to Europe. In Morocco, Algeria and also in Tunisia, state repression has been increasing for months.

Germany, Poland and the Domino Effect of the Fortress Europe

Since the 1990s, Germany promoted the externalisation of the border regime in Central and Eastern Europe. In the beginning, there have been a lot of contradictions. – Please note here the possibility of donation support for the Polish Refugee activists: support refugees – donate, and some FFM-publications about the first externalisation regime of the Fortress Europe in the 1990s.