„Borders of violence“, the new Western Med Regional Analysis by the Alarm Phone, is out. It reports developments in the region, repression of migrant travellers in Morocco and testimonies from survivors of border violence.


Since August/September 2018, we have witnessed a constant exacerbation of the situation of travellers in transit on the Western Mediterranean route. Violence and the threat of detention is a constant reality for sub-saharan travellers. The title is taken from the testimony of an AP member who was arrested and beaten in Tanger. The assault was witnessed by another comrade (see below). Her experience is just one example of police violence and unlawful arbitrary repression in Morocco. It is not an unfortunate, if all to common blip but part of the violent structures imposed by the Moroccan state at the behest of the European Union. We will not stop making visible and denouncing this structural violence!

Not only do the raids and violent and arbitrary arrests of black people continue on a large scale, but the sea passage from Morocco to Spain has become more dangerous since new political sea rescue directives where put into practice by the Salvamento Maritimo, the Spanish rescue authority.

This report attempts to give an overview of the major developments in Morocco as both a transit country and country of origin. It also attempts to summarize the political developments of the border regime in the Western Mediterranean. […]

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Borders of violence: “When I resisted to enter the small dark room, they started beating me.”