It is indeed doubtful that the pandemic will change the world’s political power fabric. Yet COVID-19 certainly fuels political developments. So far, the crisis appears to be an accelerator for already pre-existing political and social developments and trends. But the pandemic is also being deliberately exploited for political gains. Certain actions and policies, promoted and enforced by governments and supranational actors in the slipstream of the crisis, would have triggered significantly heavier public resistance in the absence of such a health emergency. Hence, their enforcement would not have been possible at their current pace. EU migration and border externalization policies are being severely affected by such dynamics, as COVID-19 serves as a justification for the EU and some of its member states to push for more restrictive border control policies and to test new practices, aiming at tackling the health crisis and, at the same time, further fortifying the EU’s external borders.

Sofian Philip Naceur, COVID-19 Is Grist to the Border Regime Mill
Could a new era for EU border control be on the horizon?
RLS July 2020


Covid-19 und EU Grenzregime