Die große Politik ist nicht unsere Sache, und deshalb haben wir den Putin-Erdogan-Pakt nicht kommentiert. Es gibt einen Akteur, dessen Unzufriedenheit Trump Probleme machen könnte: die Regierung Israels.

By allowing Turkey to attack the Kurds in Syria, Trump made Tel Aviv question Washington’s reliability as an ally.

But the Turkish operation, and President Trump’s decision to withdraw US troops from Syria that paved the way for it, evoked the sharpest reaction in an unlikely place: Israel.
In a matter of days, Turkey’s operation became the subject that united a deeply divided country. Everyone from the grassroots supporters of the far-right to left-wing newspaper columnists and the military establishment condemned the offensive and voiced their support for the Kurds. Pundits from across the political spectrum talked of the „historical connection“ between the Kurds and the Jewish people and called upon the West to support them. Ordinary Israelis tweeted under the #freekurdistan hashtag and voiced their support for the formation of an independent Kurdish entity on territories…

Al Jazeera 25.10.19

Einmarsch in Rojava: Israel zweifelt an Trump