Sudanese refugees in Niger say they have been living in an atmosphere of fear and intimidation after security forces cracked down on protests calling for better living conditions.

Refugees have been sleeping in the desert despite low temperatures since their camp in Agadez was almost completely burned down last month after a sit-in was forcibly dispersed by Nigerien security forces. The Nigerien authorities said they arrested 355 people immediately after the fire. […]

The protest began on 16 December, when refugees from the camp marched to the UNHCR headquarters in Agadez town. They staged a sit-in to demand better living conditions and more clarity on their applications for resettlement.

On 4 January, they were forced back to the camp by Nigerien police and during the clashes that followed a fire gutted many of the tents. […]

The Guardian | 04.02.2020

„Sudan refugees pushed into Niger desert after camp burned down“