Police, job-seeking protesters clash in Tunisian city of Tataouine

TUNIS (Reuters) – Demonstrators threw stones at police and blocked roads in the southern Tunisian city of Tataouine on Monday, drawing salvoes of tear gas to disperse them, in an escalation of protests over high unemployment, witnesses said.

Protesters are calling on the government to implement a 2017 deal to create jobs in oil companies and infrastructure projects to reduce unemployment now running at 30% in the region, one of the highest rates in Tunisia. […]

“The situation is dangerous in our area. From the window of my home I see police forces randomly launching (tear) gas and chasing young men,” Ismail Smida, a resident, told Reuters. […]

In 2017, protests over a lack of jobs in Tataouine and Kebili provinces hit oil and natural gas production in a region where French firm Perenco and Austria’s OMV operate led to a deal promising jobs in oil and development projects.

But protesters say that after three years the agreement has not been implemented.

Reuters | 22.06.2020

Tunesien, Arbeitslose – Ölindustrie: Zusammenstöße in Tataouine