This week, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina agreed on operational co-operation with the European Border and Coast Guard. Frontex will then, when the agreement comes into force, act on the territory and in cooperation with the countries concerned in migration management. In this way, the „protection“ of external borders is moved further away geographically and from the eyes of the EU.

NNK reports on at least 91 people illegally expelled in B&H in January, with at least 28 people pushed back from Slovenia and 63 from Croatia. Although fewer people are seen returning with visible physical injuries and fractures, most of them are forced to go through ice water under the threat of blades and then walk into miles of miles to get to Velika Kladuša. UNHCR reported that the number of collective expulsions from Croatia to Serbia declined in January compared to December, and reported 241 cases compared to the previous 370.

According to the AYS report, local authorities in the Una-Sana Canton have issued an ultimatum asking for state institutions to take IOM’s responsibility for refugees and migrants in that area, by removing 500 people. They also demanded that all families with children must be moved to the former Sedra hotel and to the renewed camp of Borići, where the living conditions are much better than in the current camps. If this does not happen, local authorities allegedly threaten to close four camps in that area. Closing the camps would seriously jeopardize the already insecure refugee survival, especially when it is winter.

Quelle: Welcome! Initiatve, Zagreb

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