31 people die in a shipwreck off the coast of Nador/Morocco

On Sunday the 4th of November, we received a phone call at 9.20am, informing us about a boat that had left from Nador about four hours earlier from Nador/Morocco, carrying 56 people. The contact person told us that the engine of the boat had broken down and water was coming into the boat. When we spoke to the Spanish Search and Rescue organisation Salvamento Maritimo (SM) at 10.10am, they had already been informed about this boat and said that a rescue operation was ongoing. Later our contact person confirmed that there were in fact two boats, with each carrying 56 people. One was rescued by SM, as were several other boats in distress in the region. We later learned from Helena Maleno that the other boat was found as well, but only 25 people were rescued. Once again, dozens of people who were searching for freedom have lost their lives at Europe’s cruel maritime borders.

WTM Alarmphone | 06.11.2018

Marokko: Weitere 31 Boat-people vor Nador ertrunken