Maghreb: War, food prices and protests

Grain prices had risen sharply in the last weeks. The Maghreb and Egypt are largely dependent on imports. In addition, North African agriculture has been suffering from an increasing drought for months. The massive increase in grain prices in 2010/2011 is considered a factor that led to the Arab rebellion and the departure of migrants ...

Libyan security forces break up protest sit-in by migrants in Tripoli

By SAMY MAGDY, SHARM EL-SHEIKH, Egypt (AP) — Libyan security forces raided and violently broke up a protest sit-in by migrants outside a shuttered U.N. community center in the capital of Tripoli, activists and migrants said Monday. The troops came overnight, smashed up the protest site and arrested hundreds, said activist Tarik Lamloum. Those detained were sent ...

Central Med: 9% of refugees arriving in Italy by NGO sea rescues (10/2020-07/2021)

In the Central Mediterranean, between August 2020 and July 2021, 9% of refugees arriving in Italy were brought to Italy by NGO sea rescues (4.239 persons). Libya intercepted in 2021 (until 8 November) 28.600 persons.

Abandoned in the Sahara. Forced deportations from Libya by land

Refugees are brought from the Mediterranean coast to the southern border via various internment camps and abandoned in the Sahara. In the process, Libyan warlords cooperate along the deportation route.

Ceuta: Mass Push-Back of Minors without Prosecution

In May 2021, the Spanish State made a mass push-back of hundreds of minors from Ceuta to Morocco. After some days, a court stopped this illegal State action.

Tripoli: Website „Refugees in Libya“ starts!

Refugees in Libya. Here are our voices and tears to the world!

Wie funktionieren die italienischen „Humanitären Korridore“?

Das Konzept der italienischen „Humanitären Korridore“ beruht auf der vorstrukturierenden und druckaufbauenden Arbeit von Aktivist*innen vor Ort, in den verschiedenen Ländern.

Libya evacuation refugees: Italian faith-based organizations successful

Evacuation today of 93 refugees to Italy from Libya. Five such flights will be organized over one year.

Tripoli: Fire and threats against protest camp at UNHCR

24Nov- tents Camped at the UNHCR main office of refugees were burnt to ashes by #FursanJanzour forces.This came after the diplomatic security personnel approached the Yesterday protesters at the @UNHCRLibya headquarters & enhanced their plights with threats if they don’t disperse @RefugeesInLibya | 24.11.2021

Libyen, Lager und Küstenwache: Internationaler Strafgerichtshof muss ermitteln, EU soll Unterstützung stoppen

NGOs und Überlebende reichen Strafanzeige beim IStGH ein und veröffentlichen Bericht.

Tripoli – EU: „Hybrid attacks“ against refugees

On 12 November, the day of a big international conference on Libya, the Italian newspaper „Il Fatto Quotidiano“ published a reportage about horrorific fotos of refugees detained in Libya: The fotos are made in a police style, the goal are extorsions. The UNHCR spreads fake news. What is planning the conference in Paris?

Libya: rehabilitation of militia chiefs – detention camps, coastgard, smuggle of petroleum and weapons

The Libyan military headquarter in Tripoli published a photo of training inititive of the so called Libyan coastgard, financed by Italy and the EU. On the photo, there is „Biji“ (Abdurahman al-Milad) as one of the chiefs, listed under U.N. sanction measures and wanted by Interpol.

Libya: U.N. sanctions, EU conditions, and new difficulties to escape to Europe

The Global Initiative Against Transnational Organized Crime published in April 2021 the informal arrangement between U.N., EU, GNA and militias chiefs: The sanctions would remain without result if the criminal militias act in the future „on land“, creating diffulties for the refugees to escape to Europe.

Tripoli Gargaresh raids: „Why was the operation mounted?“ – Brookings

The timing of the operation may lie in the pandemic’s impact on the economy and migration patterns in sub-Saharan Africa. While COVID-19 may have increased the desire to migrate, it also brought decreasing resources to do so and additional fears. Thus, sea departures to Europe of sub-Saharan Africans declined even as sea departures of North ...

Tripoli protest camp: their Twitter channel

The Twitter chanel of the protesters. They publish regular updates about their impressive mobilisation.

Libya: Evacuation To Safety Now!

NOW is the time for the international community to act.

Refugees in Libya – Meeting with UNHCR 31.10.2021

On 31.10.2021, a delegation of the refugees protest camp met the UNHCR-LIBYA Chief of Mission Mr Jean Paul Cavalieri and his deputy Jamal. The meeting protocol is an important written document of informations, accusations and demands of the refugees. Full transcription!

Ab Nov. 2021: FFM berichtet aus Protestcamp in Tripolis [English below]

Zum ersten Mal entsteht 2021 im Magreb eine größere Selbstorganisation von Geflüchteten: In Gargaresh bei Tripolis. Nach einer mörderischen Razzia und Massenverhaftungen brachen Tausende Geflüchtete aus und ließen sich zu einem Protestcamp vor dem UNHCR Tripolis nieder. In Zusammenarbeit mit dem offenen Web-Kanal der Flüchtlinge in Tripolis, mit Mediterranea und dem Alarmphone berichtet FFM ab ...

Il video-choc di una madre: «Ho perso mio figlio»

Ancora due naufragi e sono nove nell’ultimo mese e mezzo. E questa volta con un numero enorme di vittime confermato dall’Oim e da Medici senza frontiere.