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The WATCH THE MED alarm phone number: *+334 86 51 71 61*

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[…] OCCIDENTE IN CERCA DI UN NUOVO MUBARAK. Ma la verità è che, all’Europa come agli Usa, un nuovo Mubarak fa comodo per stabilizzare il Medio Oriente e riprendere i vecchi business.E all’Italia – primo partner commerciale europeo dell’Egitto – fa comodo più che agli altri Paesi Ue.Diritti a parte, al Sisi ha i mezzi militari per contenere il caos libico che alimenta il traffico di esseri umani. […]”

via egitto italia investimenti affari.

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Arnim Stauth, ARD Brüssel, zzt. Straßburg zur Rede von Papst Franziskus
tagesschau 12:00 Uhr, 25.11.2014 “[…]

“Mittelmeer darf kein großer Friedhof werden”

Nachdrücklich appellierte der Papst an die EU-Staaten, gemeinsam das Migrationsproblem anzugehen. Sie dürften nicht länger hinnehmen, dass “das Mittelmeer zu einem großen Friedhof wird”. Auf den Kähnen, die täglich an den europäischen Küsten landeten, seien “Männer und Frauen, die Aufnahme und Hilfe brauchen”. Weiterlesen »

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they are looking for 4 missing people and have saved 16 say the greek media
one of the missing is a 2 year old little girl. In the artikel one of the survivors said that the facilitator who had
forced them by gun to embark the small boat, forbid them later to put on a rescue light and call on the fone for help when the boat was full of
http://www.efsyn.gr/arthro/tragodia-me-syroys-prosfyges-sti-mytilini  Weiterlesen »
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“Pilot Initiative on Return to Third Countries. Non-paper of the Commission Services and EEAS:  state of play and next steps in view of discussions in COASI and COAFR

The pilot initiative on return was discussed originally in the JHA Council in March 2014 as a Dutch  initiative  proposing  to  use  the  leverage,  available  in  overall  bilateral  relations  with particular third countries, in order to improve the return rate of irregular migrants from the EU Member States to those countries. Following this discussion, in its June 2014 conclusions on return,  the  JHA  Council  endorsed:  “launching  an  initiative  on  a  pilot  project  concerning  a number of selected third- countries of origin […] [ in order] to mobilise all adequate means in the framework of the more for more principle, to stimulate the selected pilot third countries to comply with their international obligations, to improve return rate”. […]”

Pilot Initiative on Return to Third Countries

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Maroc : La justice condamne le ministère de l’Intérieur à verser 100 000 dh à l’AMDH

L’AMDH vient de gagner une bataille contre le ministère de l’Intérieur. La justice a affirmé que les explications présentées par la défense de la wilaya de Rabat pour justifier l’interdiction d’une activité de l’ONG, datant du 27 septembre, sont nulles et non avenues.

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Syrian refugees stage hunger strike outside Greek parliament

Weiterlesen »

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“At Spanish Enclave, a Debate Over What Makes a Border

[…] In response to the legal challenge, the Spanish government has argued that reaching or even crossing the three fences around Melilla’s nearly seven-mile border is not enough to claim asylum. Instead, Madrid has recently argued that the migrants must cross what it calls an “operational border” — set wherever the last line of police security stands. Those arguments have been criticized by the European Commission — the executive arm of the European Union — as well as by some Spanish lawyers. […]

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Flüchtlinge in Seenot: mehr als 1000 im Mittelmeer aufgegriffen – SPIEGEL ONLINE.

Mittelmeer: Binnen 96 Stunden mehr als 1000 Flüchtlinge aufgegriffen

REUTERS /Guardia Costiera

Mehr als 700 Flüchtlinge vor der italienischen Küste, knapp 300 vor der Küste Nordzyperns: Die vergangenen Stunden zeigen, wie bedeutend die Seenotrettung im Mittelmeer ist. Gerade dort will die europäische Politik aber sparen.

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Hundreds of migrants stranded off Cyprus coast rescued

23 November 2014 02:22 (Last updated 23 November 2014 15:28)

One of the survivors told AA each migrant paid about $6,500 to human smugglers to escape the war in Syria in the hopes to reach Europe Weiterlesen »

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Casi 800 migrantes rescatados en el Mediterráneo en tres días Por Redacción / Sinembargo – noviembre 23 de 2014 – 10:12 MUNDO, TIEMPO REAL – Sin comentarios Roma, 23 nov (dpa) – Cerca de 800 migrantes fueron rescatados entre el jueves y el sábado en aguas de Mediterráneo, informaron hoy las autoridades italianas.

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