Alarmphone: Central Mediterranean Regional Analysis

Over the past three and a half months, the period of time covered by this new Alarm Phone regional analysis of developments in the central Mediterranean, the Alarm Phone was alerted to 24 distress situations in that region, involving over 1,700 people. Nine of these boats were returned, or presumably returned, to Libya. Seven were rescued to Malta and four to Italy. One boat was intercepted by the Tunisian coastguards.

„Repression durch Anti-Terror-Gesetze in der arabischen Welt“ – GIGA

Weltweit ist die Anzahl von Anti-Terror-Gesetzen seit einigen Jahren stark gestiegen. Insbesondere arabische Staaten nutzen die von global ­agierenden Terrorgruppen ausgehende Gefahr als Vorwand, um Andersdenkende als Terroristen zu verunglimpfen, um sie mit Billigung externer Akteure zu unterdrücken und die Arbeit der friedlichen Opposition einzuschränken.

10 Years Network Welcome to Europe

In Lesvos in late summer 2009 about 400 noborder activists from various countries met together with hundreds of refugees and migrants, who just had arrived from Turkey with small boats on the coasts of this Greek island. In the middle of these struggles the idea of Welcome to Europe (w2eu) was born: to build daily structures and to provide useful multilingual information to empower and to support refugees and migrants in transit for their right to move to their desired destination.

Alarm Phone Aegean Regional Report

The Aegean Sea this year has become once again the most frequent escape route chosen by people on their way to Europe. As a consequence, the numbers of refugees trapped in Greece steadily increased for a third year in a row. While the Turkish Coast Guard seems to have detected and arrested more or less the same number of refugees attempting to cross the border in the Aegean Sea irregularly in the first five months of 2019, thus, continuing with the practice of “pull-backs”. This phenomenon has also been observed by the Alarm Phone. Through the emergency calls it receives, the Alarm Phone has noticed an increase in accounts of attacks by “masked men” in the Greek territorial waters. Attacks which were followed by pull-backs by the Turkish authorities.