„Refugees die along the Balkan Route“

Although we have been facing alerting border violence against refugees for the past two and half years, this past week two documentary movies, the ARD’s titled “Deaths along the Balkan Route” and the Al-Jazeera’s “Revision – At the Line of Separation” and Deutsche Welle’s article „Refugees Die Along the Balkan Route” brought stronger attention to the unlawful practice of pushbacks and tragic ramifications of the lack of safe and legal pathways such as – deaths.

Alarming rates of malnutrition and inhumane conditions in Tripoli detention centre

„What we see today in this single detention centre is symptomatic of an uncontrolled, unjustified, and reckless system that puts the lives of refugees and migrants at risk,” says Karline Kleijer, MSF’s head of emergencies. “We’re talking about the basic necessities required to sustain human life. If food, shelter and essential services can’t be provided in a consistent and appropriate manner, then these people should be released immediately by the Libyan authorities.”